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    Parents Lament Police Refusal To Rescue Kidnapped Children (Photos)

    The parents of Raphael Ogunwole and Godwin Mbachu, who were allegedly kidnapped in the Ilasamaja area of Lagos, have condemned the refusal of the police to rescue them two weeks after the incident.
    The victims’ parents said despite the arrest of some suspects, not much had been done by the police.

    PUNCH Metro learnt that Raphael and Godwin were kidnapped in front of their parents’ residence on Oluwakemi Street, Ilasamaja, on August 14.

    It was gathered that the boys, who were playing in front of the house, were abducted when their parents went inside.

    The fathers of the victim, who condemned the police disposition towards the matter, urged the state Commissioner of Police to intervene in the case.

    Godwin’s father, Christian, who noted that losing his child was a gap that could not be filled, urged all the security agencies to join hands with the police to rescue the children.
    The 47-year-old printer, who noted that the information at his disposal was given to the police, urged them to act accordingly.

    He stated, “When my wife realised that she could no longer hear the voices of the children playing outside, she sent my eldest son to check them outside and he came back to tell her that they were not there.

    “A search party was raised and we reported at the police stations around us. This incident happened when Raphael’s mother went inside to serve her husband his meal. Someone must have been watching the kids and waited for the right time to strike.

    “After waiting for five days and the Ilasamaja Police Station did not do anything and the pressure we mounted on them was too much, the case was transferred to the Anti-Kidnapping Unit in Surulere; but to be sincere, the police have done nothing on the case.

    “Up till now, the police have not come up with any reasonable explanation despite the information provided to them. We want the police to do their work because we know that if they want to, they can do it; and at the same time, we are appealing to Nigerians that anybody who sees these children should contact the police, their parents or the media, because I’m sure they are still in this country and someone will see them.

    “Losing a child is something you cannot describe, it’s an everlasting gap until the child is found; the feeling is unbearable because you can’t eat and sleep; all your thoughts are with the child. It’s the worst feeling someone can ever have.

    “I want the police to work with the information given to them. Three days after my child went missing, someone was caught taking away another child in the same Ilasamaja and he was arrested.

    “When he was handed over to the police, he answered all questions asked him, but the following day, he started behaving like a mad person and when he was brought to the Anti-Kidnapping Unit, the cops there said he was insane and I asked who certified him a lunatic, but I was told to pick the hospital bill to ascertain if he was mad.

    “We are appealing to the Lagos State Government and the good people of the country to intervene and beg the police to do their job.”

    Raphael’s father, Oluwaseun, urged the police to interrogate the suspects arrested, alleging that one of the suspects knew the whereabouts of the children.

    He said, “We learnt that six suspects have been arrested and one of them is a barber, who has a barbershop on our street. We noticed that he travelled the day after the boys went missing.

    “Someone told us that he saw someone taking the children towards Abimbola Way in Isolo and that the person was usually at the barbershop, but when we called the barber to ask him about the person, he said he did not know him, but the next day when we went to his house, we were told that he vacated the building about a month ago and when I called him, he said he was on his way to his village because his father wanted to see all his children. That is why we are taking him as the prime suspect.

    “Someone told me that before the barber was arrested, he went to the bank to collect money. I want the police to trace the money and see where it came from or it went to. We call on Nigerians to help us; we don’t know what to do again.”

    When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, stated that the police were working on reuniting the children with their parents.

    “Investigation is ongoing; it is a case of missing children and not kidnapping, because nobody has called for any ransom or establish contact with the families at the moment. We are investigating and our team is working so hard on this matter to get to the root of it and reunite the children with their parents,” he said.

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