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    Nigerian Man Returns N98million mistakenly Transferred into His Account

    Popular Nigerian Publisher and Event host, Mr Sunny Anderson Osiebe, has returned the sum of 98million naira which was mistakenly transferred into his account by an agency which owed him money. While narrating the situation, he says, "On Monday I got a call from the company that some money was mistakenly transferred into my account . So I went to the bank, withdrew N98,000 and took it to the company. When I got there, they told me that it was N98million that was transferred to my account, not N98,000. I followed them to the bank and it was there I confirmed that it was actually N98million".

    He continued, "As a man of integrity, I didn't want to start arguing with them.  So I went and confirmed it, I decided that I was going to transfer the money back to them but my bank told me I can't transfer the money at that moment, which was on Monday. So on Tuesday morning, I went to the bank and did the transfer. The company confirmed receiving the 98 million mistakenly paid into my account".

    Below is a screen shot of the transaction:

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